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Whether you’ve had a long day at the office or a busy weekend out exercising and having fun, there’s no better way to cap the day off than with a great glass of wine. It’s such a classic drink that you might think there’s not much to know about this well-loved beverage. That’s where you’re wrong!

Wine has actually been with us going back to the dawn of civilisation. Archaeologists have found traces of viticulture (winemaking) in the Republic of Georgia dating back to 6000 BC. That’s 8000 years of humans enjoying the best that wine has to offer.

What makes Spanish wine so special?

Well, to put it simply, Spain is one of the world’s indisputable capitals of winemaking. Did you know, for example, that Spain is the most widely-planted winemaking country in the world? This means that more acres of land are planted with wine grapes in Spain than anywhere else on Earth. And if there’s any doubt that Spaniards know their stuff about a good bottle of vino, they’ve been cultivating wine grape varieties since at least 4000 BC. Don’t tell the French, but that’s several thousand years before historians date the first winemaking in France (about 650 BC). Don’t tell the French this either, but Roman historians actually wrote about high-quality Spanish wines being imported to Gaul (ancient France) from Spain during the time of the Roman Empire. That’s quite the compliment to Spanish viticulture!

When you browse our selection of Spanish wines, you’ll only find the very best.

After each of our wines, you’ll see the letters “D.O.P.” This refers to a “protected denomination of origin.” Without delving into the intricacies of Spanish wine law, this essentially means that this wine is certified to be a high quality bottle from one of a select few specially protected Spanish wine regions. Not all Spanish wine can make this cut.

We’ve honed in on several Spanish wines which we feel offer unique tastes you won’t find on your typical wine shop shelf. Take Cerron El Sentido de la Vida D.O.P. Jumilla, for example. Winemaker Juan Jose Cerdan is a maverick of the wine world, eschewing typical cellar techniques, experimenting with amphorae, using wild native yeast, and employing a biologically dynamic controlled cultivation process. Not to mention that all of his grapes are harvested by hand. This wine is a 90% Petit Verdot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon blend grown in chalky soil, offering a balanced and harmonious taste with almost any pairing.

We also offer Paisajes Joven 2018 D.O.P. Rioja, made from 100% Tempranillo grapes with biologically dynamic controlled cultivation. This wine is from the mountainous Rioja region of Spain, often regarded as the finest region for viticulture in the country. It has balanced acidity, yielding a fresh, sweet and fruity taste.

Another Paisajes wine we offer is the Rosado 2018 D.O.P. Rioja. Whereas Tempranillo grapes ripen early in the season and favour higher altitudes, this wine is made from 100% Garnacha grapes, which ripen later in the season and thrive at lower, warmer altitudes. A common observation with Garnacha wines is the fruity flavour—specifically of strawberries, pineapples, and grapefruit.

Let’s move out of the mountainous north of Spain down to the warm southern region of Granada. We offer two wines by Señorio de Nevada: Bronce D.O.P. Granada and Plata D.O.P. Granada 2013. The Bronce D.O.P. Granada is a bold rare red blend. This is another great “statement” wine which will give you fresh, fruity, and spicy tastes with a strong nose of ripe red fruits, spices, eucalyptus, and herbs of the forest.

Whether your tastes take you to the high mountains of Rioja or the valleys of Granada, Spain has a plethora of delicious wines to offer. Whatever you choose, there’s no better way to cap off an evening than with a glass of fine Spanish red wine. The riches of Spanish winemaking will welcome you with open arms.

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