Fairy Buns from Yeast Dough


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Fairy Buns are made out of 100% Spelt-Yeast Dough and are loved by young and old!

The yeast dough can be prepared in both vegan and non-vegan form (see preparation steps) and is especially loved by children.

From one can you receive ca. 12 Spelt Buns or 2 Spelt Braids, which fit perfectly with coffee as a sweet dessert!


Fairy Buns from Yeast Dough are:

Created by the professional

The baking mixes were reviewed, tested and optimised for months, to make your baking experience as easy as possible, but also to achieve the best possible result.

Without preservatives

The baking experience as natural as possible is important to me. This is why all our baking mixes are produced without preservatives and flavour enhancers.

Only the best ingredients

We have selected only hand-picked ingredients because the origin of the ingredients is very important to me.

With a lot of love & hand-made

All our baking mixes were filled by hand and prepared for the sale in nice cardboard cans.

They remain fresh for a long time

You can enjoy our products on the following day the same as when they were just made, as our way of preparation and the ingredients make it possible for your pastry to taste equally fresh on the next day, as fresh out of the oven.

Easy & fast preparation

For our baking mixes, you don’t need any particular baking knowledge. Preparation is explained easily and also makes baking together with children a special experience.

Ingredients 100% from Austria

We exclusively use the ingredients that come from Austria. We pay attention to using regional and sustainably grown products – it goes without saying that we also only use the flours from our Stöber mill. Naturally, we don’t use genetic technology, artificial flavours, or colours and preservatives.


Ingredients listLight spelt flour, sugar, vanilla sugar (sugar, Tahiti Vanilla), salt, lollipop (Demerara sugar, beet sugar, Tahiti Vanilla, 100% pure raspberry powder, 100% pure strawberry powder, lemon zest, tonka bean), dry yeast, lemon powder, hibiscus powder, cornflower, coarse sugar, flour treatment agent ascorbic acid
Organic productNo
Net weight779 g
Shelf life8 Months
Storage conditionsStorage in a dry place at room temperature
Instructions for use / TipsInstructions for braiding, many other tips, videos with baking instructions, recipe ideas and other baking mixes you can find here: www.stöber-mehl.at
Nutritional values
Nutritional information refer toAverage nutritional values for 100g Fairy Buns in the classic variant:Average nutritional values for 100g Fairy Buns in the vegan variant:
Energy in kJ1190 kJ1246 kJ
Energy in kcal284 kcal298 kcal
Fat in g7,6 g7,8 g
out of which saturated fatty acids in g4,3 g6,1 g
Carbohydrates in g45 g48 g
out of which sugars in g11 g11 g
Dietary fibre2 g2,5 g
Protein in g8,1 g8 g
Salt in g0,7 g0,7 g
Allergen labelling
 A – Grains containing wheat and their productsH – Nuts and their products
 B – Shellfish and their productsL – Celery and its products
 C – Eggs and poultry and their productsM – Mustard and its products
 D – Fish and their productsN – Sesame seeds and their products
 E – Peanuts and their productsO – Sulfur dioxide and sulfites
 F – Soybeans and their productsP – Lupins and their products
 G – Milk from mammals and milk productsR – Mollusks such as slugs, mussels, squids and their products

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