New BBQ Pack #1
Burger Buns from Yeast Dough with Sesame
Black Burger Buns from Yeast Dough with Sesame
Grilled Bread – Sunny Spices
Grilled Bread – Smoky Paprika Spices

New BBQ Pack #1


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With the help of our New BBQ Pack, you can be the king of your next barbecue! Bring the ultimate indulgence into your home!


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This special New BBQ Pack consists of:

With the super-soft Yeast Burger Buns, you can bring ultimate burger indulgence into your home!

If you want to surprise your guests with something very special, you cannot miss out our baking mix for Black Burger Buns!

As we all know, feelings also go through the stomach. With the Sunny spices, you can bring such a summery feeling to your home.

Our smoky paprika spices give the grilled bread its subtle balanced spices the optimal taste – as a spice mix for the crust or as a BBQ infusion.


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