Spelt Assortment Pack
Spelt Bread - All-Over Spelt
Spelt Baguette
Spelt Ciabatta with Olives

Spelt Assortment Pack


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Our Spelt Assortment Pack offers pure spelt indulgence. It has never been so easy to make your own bread.


Don’t miss this special opportunity – buy this Spelt Assortment Pack and get 1 kg of spelt flour for free!
This special Spelt Assortment Pack consists of:

A French classic: baguette which you can also make very easily on your own at home.

Our Spelt Bread „All-Over Spelt“ keeps its promise: pure spelt indulgence.

Spelt Ciabatta with Olives is a dream for all fans and connoisseurs of Mediterranean Food.

  • 1 kg of spelt flour FOR FREE


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