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The online retail market will be around $ 3,200 billion in 2020, according to a Frost & Sullivan study. Read here how openstore24 wants to become a fixed star in the online business universe and why it has the potential to succeed.

Although online retail is currently being dominated by corporate giants such as Amazon, eBay and Zalando, ambitious new players are found among the developers of online shops and online marketplaces. These new operators are ready to challenge the big ones by mostly successfully developing small but fine segments in the niches of regional markets and benefit from better knowledge of local conditions and special features in the respective catchment areas. The better quality of personal relations with business partners and friends at eye level is also an important building block for success.

Logistics specialist with know-how in key technologies.

In contrast to most other startups and competitors in this segment, the new start-up company openstore24 is gathering a multinational, interdisciplinary team around the founder Georg Weidinger and derives its decisive competitive advantage from his highly specialized market knowledge of the international logistics and freight forwarding industry.

Mr Weidinger began his career in the management of Swiss Post where he oversaw key accounts in the area of postal logistics. Since 2013 he has been CEO of the swiss mail solutions group, which provides cross-border solutions and logistics and distribution services in its core business. In addition, there is substantial know-how in the areas of fulfilment, pick & pack, LVCR solutions, IT support and warehousing for the international clientele. swiss mail solutions also runs offices and representative offices in Vienna (AT), Belgrade (SR), Bratislava (SK), Züberwangen (CH), Hong Kong and Shenzhen (CH). This grown infrastructure forms a competitive edge for the new openstore24 brand, with international operations bases and strategic networks right from the start.

The new openstore24 brand is both a promise and a program and distinguishes itself from the major international competition in two respects.

On the one hand, the company’s goal is to enable small and medium-sized retail companies, producers and manufacturers in the regions of the European markets to use new or additional digital sales channels to make their offer more internationally visible. On the other hand, openstore24 relieves its business partners of the entire process, from storage and online marketing to delivery, and thus a significant part of the business risk. This also includes targeted channel marketing on Google, Facebook and many other small social media channels and communities. Retargeting can also be offered. This procedure ensures, for example, that when searching for a specific product, this product from the openstore24 range is offered dynamically in the form of advertisements on other websites.

In addition, the experts from openstore24 take care of the ongoing optimization and updating of the product presentation and analyze the generated traffic around every single product.

openstore24 boss Weidinger is personally committed to his project. Development work on the framework of the website was started in autumn 2019 and trial operation of the first stage of expansion started in March 2020. The languages currently being used are German and English, and other languages are in preparation.

The planned full operation of openstore24 will start at the end of the year, with a strong focus on the intra-European sales zone in combination with the opening of a unique sales channel to Far East / China / Hong Kong for regional European products, arts and crafts. At the center of the business strategy is the gigantic purchasing power of the new Chinese middle class, which has developed great interest in distinctive European / Western products and has elevated them to the characteristics of a sophisticated lifestyle.

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