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Fulfillment for crowdfunding entrepreneurs and established businesses


Focus your resources on getting funding and developing your innovations.
We take care to ensure the best shipping experience for your backers and minimize your costs.


✔️ 3 months of free storage for crowdfunding projects
✔️ Easy onboarding with the assistance of our team of experts
✔️ Fulfilling of rewards within 24 hours of receiving your order
✔️ Dedicated and responsive account manager
✔️ Scalable solution that grows at your pace

Pick and pack

Safely store your products in our warehouses. We take care of the rest. Choose the packaging style and any add-ons that you want to send to your backers.

  • No monthly minimum volume
  • Flexible personalization of packaging and add-ons
  • Cost minimization through an optimized mix of delivery channels
  • Expand your target audience with our worldwide shipping possibilities
  • Environmentally friendly packaging


Whether you raise funds through Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any of the main crowdfunding and e-commerce platforms, our EasyCommerce platform allows easy integration with live updates.

  • Smooth automatization of entire order fulfillment cycle
  • Real-time overview of all orders and stock
  • Order tracking & e-mail alerts for shipments
  • Personalized reports
  • Real-time cost control

Return management

Even the best products get sent back. Sometimes it is impossible to place deliveries. In case of a return, we take care of placing your products back where they belong.

  • Reception of non-delivered orders
  • Reception of returned items
  • Quality control according to your specifications
  • Placement back in stock
  • Reports on returned items

Minimize your costs with low warehouse costs and optimize your mix of delivery channels

Keep complete control of orders and returns without additional effort

More time and resources to keep your innovation flowing

Even happier crowdfunding backers

Looking for global eCommerce fulfillment, with Swiss reliability?


Openstore24 is the ideal fulfillment solution for crowdfunding entrepreneurs (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.).

Why? We combine 20 years of experience with an innovative approach that offers tailored solutions for young ventures.

As the daughter company of Swiss Mail Solutions, we are backed by a solid basis and a wide network of partners.

A lot of effort is required to turn dreams into reality. We are there to help you in the last step: efficiently getting your innovations to your backers.


Offering you a comprehensive experience is only possible with the joint effort of a talented team of order fulfillment specialists. From very different fronts, every day we work together to make sure that your backers receive your innovations ASAP and in impeccable conditions.



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