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Who are we?


Global Fulfillment Partner

Since 2016 openstore24 has been dedicated to keeping the highest professional standard in logistics.
Alongside order fulfillment services, we offer distribution services, warehousing, worldwide Import/Export, IT Support, Pick & Pack, and Printing & Lettershop.

Our policy includes full transparency, perfect returns handling, and customized cross-border solutions.
Whether we provide essential fulfillment and selection services or complete logistics and supply chain solutions, we
consistently and proactively look for ways to improve our clients' processes, either by simply reducing our customers' costs or introducing new efficiencies.


Why choose us?

Our software Easy Commerce allows you to manage online business anywhere and anytime securely. Have reliable, real-time information about your stock and orders to prevent accidents caused by human errors. We provide an order fulfillment solution that removes the complexity of managing operations and allows you to focus on growing your business.

Our fulfillment services include full IT support. Our highly professional support team will help you monitor every step of the value chain. 


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