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Our unique fulfillment approach is tailored to serving the needs of crowdfunding entrepreneurs (for example, from Kickstarter, Indiegogo and many more). With us, ample experience meets an innovative approach. Our goal? Help you in the last steps of realizing your crowdfunding project – storing and delivering the rewards to your backers.

Our experience

  • Over 60 happy companies use our services for their order fulfillment needs
  • 20 years of experience
  • Backing and network of our parent company Swiss Mail Solutions

Why crowdfunding entrepreneurs and startups?

In Openstore24, we realized that there was a big gap in the fulfillment services for crowdfunding entrepreneurs. You know the deal. After investing a lot of effort and resources in the fundraising campaign and the production of your invention, it is time to send the reward to your backers. This is where our expertise will prove extremely useful.

Young entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the necessary resources for the optimal delivery of products. However, prompt and reliable delivery plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction. Here is where our solution can help you!

Our comprehensive service helps you win at every step.

  • By knowing that delivery will be easily possible to many countries worldwide, you can expand your crowdfunding target audience from the very beginning.
  • We safely store your products in our modern warehouse until the delivery moment comes.
  • Save delivery costs and minimize waiting times by choosing the ideal mix of delivery channels from our wide selection of premium partners.
  • The smart automatization of your order fulfillment cycle will help you keep control of orders, item returns and stock levels without any extra work from your side.
  • Our system is flexible to grow in any direction you want. After your initial success, are you now ready to take the production to the next level? We are there to grow with you. Our system is designed to provide you the flexibility you require.
  • Our system has proven to offer the most optimal solution for e-commerce businesses from the most varied industries.

The best technology + Support at each step of the way

We have developed a comprehensive fulfillment solution that combines a cutting-edge digital platform that enables you to smoothly automatize your order-to-fulfillment cycle.
We believe in data-driven decision-making. We support our clients with personalized reports with the main metrics throughout the fulfillment cycle (most-sold items, number of orders, returned items)
Technological innovation can only reach its true potential when combined with the best human support. For us, technology does not replace people but empowers them.

  • Close assistance in the initial implementation of the technological solutions
  • Personal account management that you can contact directly
  • Full IT support in case of troubleshooting or any desired innovation

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We have developed some core guidelines that we follow in the development of our solutions. These are principles that have crystalized as particularly crucial for the success of crowdfunding ventures.

Storage & Delivery

  • Modern warehouse. We treat your products with extreme care. We designed warehouses that keep your items safe and in perfect condition. If you desire, choose to insure your products against fires and natural disasters.
  • Minimization of costs. In every step, we find ways to cut costs for you. Select the perfect mix of delivery channels and choose our reliable partners to improve the last-mile delivery experience.
  • Prompt delivery to increase customer satisfaction. Your backers must be impatient to receive their rewards. We want to help you make them happy. If your order arrives to our system before 9 AM on weekdays, we usually process it and ship it the same day.


  • Personalization. Crowdfunding is born out of innovation, so we make sure that this spirit is reflected in the product presentation and packaging.
  • Experts in packaging. We use the most innovative packaging techniques to ensure your items arrive in perfect condition to your customers. Consolidating items into the fewest packages possible is a standard practice to make your deliveries more environmentally friendly.
  • Brand image. With Openstore24 you can personalize the packaging of your product to match the image of your crowdfunding campaign – whether it implies a glamourous vibe, a minimalistic urban energy, or a nature-based design.
openstore24 - packaging

IT Service (Platform)

openstore24 - storage and delivery
  • Total control over your fulfillment cycle. With us, you will get a comprehensive online platform for e-commerce clients that facilitates communication between sellers and buyers. Use it as a complete online controlling tool for the management and analysis of your supply chain. Enjoy the gains of the entire automation of your fulfillment cycle.
  • Most modern technological approach. Easy and efficient to use. Have access to your account on any device, anywhere.
  • Scalable approach. If you are ready to take your product to the next stage, EasyCommerce easily adapts to your growth strategy. It can be integrated with different APIs, web-shops, and selling platforms (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, WordPress).


We have developed an Order Fulfillment Value Chain for crowdfunding and new venture entrepreneurs (Kickstarter, Indiegogo and many more) that includes all the steps in our comprehensive service. Each step combines an approach that uses technology and human resources to help start-ups gain control and make processes more efficient.

We personalize each solution to meet our clients’ unique needs and expectations.


openstore24 Customized fulfillment solutions value chain

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