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Order fulfillment is a broader concept. It includes all necessary services for goods to arrive safely from the seller to the end customer. Order fulfillment includes logistics, distribution, warehousing, packaging, delivery management, customer and IT support services, and different value-added services. 

Our online Platform, Easy Commerce, is integrated with the client’s webshop to keep up with orders that arrive in our warehouse, where we store them. Goods are picked and pack, label, and distributed to end customers daily.

We offer additional insurance against natural disasters, floods, fires, and theft. We distribute your goods to the end customers daily using various distribution channels, constantly optimizing your costs.

We use different distribution channels in the postal flow up to 2 kg such as HU post office, CZ post office, Swiss post office, etc., and different courier services such as DPD, DHL, DHL Express.
Depending on the weight of the order, the explicit request, the dimensions, and the market, we can mix channels by offering you the best solutions, and you choose the distribution channels depending on your needs.

We offer trackable and non-trackable shipments, according to client’s needs, so they can always know where their goods are on their way to the end customers.

If a package is lost, we start a claim/investigation with courier services or postal operators and resolve the problem.

Yes, but it can differ depending on postal or courier operators. DHL gives reimbursement in the amount of selling price, DPD in the purchase price, and different posts up to 30 €.

Yes, if courier operators are used as a distribution channel. Every delivered parcel has its proof of delivery. It is used for confirmation that the package is delivered to the end customer if the customer denies it.
If you use postal operators as your distribution channels, POD is only available for registered service.

COD is mainly used in Eastern European countries. We can offer COD in certain countries of the EU.

There are two ways of packaging that we can offer our clients efficient picking and protective packaging. Clients can be sure that we use all the necessary materials to keep items safe – bubble cushioning, foam wrap, foam planks, etc. We are also trained in advanced packaging techniques: block and brace, double box, and suspension, so we can offer customized packaging solutions that will protect items and cut costs, consolidating items into the fewest packages possible.

Openstore24 takes care of client’s needs. We are aware of the importance of brand image and can offer packaging solutions that reflect your brand identity.

We can provide and print on your behalf invoices, delivery notes, and the other inserts to shipments.

We constantly improve our client’s last-mile delivery by offering an omnichannel approach that gives them ease, flexibility, and choice.

Easy Commerce is an online platform for our e-commerce clients that facilitates communication between sellers and buyers. Clients can use it as a comprehensive online controlling tool for the complete supply chain. It automates the entire order fulfillment cycle.

Easy Commerce will always keep clients informed about orders. You will have a real-time overview of your inventory, most selling products, products that are low in stock, and complete stock control.
You will get customized reports about delivery status, shipments, undeliverable items, returns, etc. Easy Commerce will also generate notifications and reports about returned products. Clients can view delivery status and all relevant details about the dispatch and location, even if order fulfillment is outsourced.

Easy Commerce – can be integrated with different APIs, web-shops, or selling platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, WordPress, etc. clients can access it from any device, anywhere.

With our experience and expertise, you don’t have to worry about managing the complexities of order fulfillment.
In openstore24, you will find a reliable partner and always get customized fulfillment solutions.

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